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The tankini is an excellent alternative to one-piece bathing suits and bikinis. It consists of a tank top that goes along with a separate bottom. The top is longer than a traditional bikini and covers up most of your midsection but shows a little more than a one-piece bathing suit.


Lately bikini styles are becoming so provocative. There are many women out there who don't feel comfortable showing off so much of their bodies but don't want to sacrifice style either. The tankini swimsuit is an excellent alternative because it is as versatile and stylish as a bikini but allows for modesty.

Although the name tankini implies tank top, there are actually different styles of tops to go along with a tankini swimsuit. Along with the tank top style, you can choose from halter top and strapless styles. Tankini swimsuits are an excellent option for people of all bust sizes, including people with larger bust sizes. They provide more support than traditional bikinis. There are also tops that have extra padding or a push-up bra sewn to give smaller busted women a lift.

Tankini bottoms come in many shapes in sizes. You can choose anything ranging from a skimpy bikini bottom to more modest styles like boy shorts and skirted bottoms. The beauty of tankini swimsuits is that you can buy different tops and bottoms to mix and match like you can with a bikini. One-piece bathing suits are limiting in that sense. By experimenting with different colors and styles, you can keep things fresh, new and interesting when you hit the beach or pool. Because of their versatility, tankini swimsuits are popular with fashionable, young women.

Tankini swimsuits are so popular because they meet a variety of needs. They flatter most body types thus are popular with women of all shapes and sizes. Women who are self-conscious about their bodies can feel comfortable, covered, and attractive in tankini swimsuits. Some women don't feel comfortable revealing their bodies for religious or personal reasons and tankini swimsuits allow them to still look fashionable without showing more than they would like.

Tankini swimsuits are modest but also at the forefront of fashion. They are perfect for women who don't want to reveal so much of their bodies for whatever reason. There are a variety of styles to choose from and you can opt to cover up a little more or a little less depending on your tastes. They will allow you to be stylish while at the same time not show more than you intend to while having fun at the beach or pool.

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